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November 30, 2017

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    New Season, New Book? I think so!

    April 29, 2015

    I've never quite known what it is about spring that awakens a newfound sense of happiness inside me, but it's a feeling impossible for me to ignore. From the chirping of birds and the array of newborn wildlife beginning to explore the world, to the blooming of beautiful flowers and the onset of warmer days and chilly nights--I just love spring! Everything seems so fresh and so full of promise (perhaps I just notice this because if I make it to spring that means I've survived another cold Ohio winter. Ha!) Whatever it is, spring provokes me to want to start something new. So this spring I've decided to make it my mission to start a new novel, one I intend to finish by fall (aka my next favorite season.) Tentatively titled Across Time, this story going to be a tad different from anything I've written previously. But that's the beauty of trying new things! My wish right now is that my journey to get this one onto the bookshelves will be as inspiring for me as it is for you when you read it. So here's to new seasons, and new beginnings!

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    Yolonda Sweitzer

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