What is the difference between a love story and a romance novel?


Both type of novels include many of the same elements: suspense, good and bad forces pitted against each other, scenes that build to a major plot point, etc. But aside from the obvious, those novels are in different sub-genres and the sub-genres have different requirements. Though both have romantic elements, the sub-genres have different requirements. Love stories must use universal characters and settings. Romance novels are not bound by this requirement and characters can be rich, famous, or people who lived centuries ago, and the settings can be exotic. Love stories can differ in theme, romance novels have a general theme—"the taming of a man." And finally, romance novels usually have happy endings while love stories are not bound by this requirement. Love stories usually end tragically or, at best, on a bittersweet note. For me personally, I find myself mixing up a lot of the elements as I write. I don't feel a story has to stick to one clear-cut genre. I write for run, I want my readers to have fun while reading-- even if this experience makes them laugh and brings tears to their eyes within the same chapter.

Why do you love sci-fi?

I find science fiction exciting. I'm able to use my science background and do fun and exciting things with it. Also, with science fiction the possibilities are endless. 


Why do you write books?


I enjoy, and have always enjoyed, dreaming up stories, and my ability to write and interest in a writing career grew out of that.



What are your hobbies?


In addition to writing, I love traveling, photography, and spending time with my husband, family and friends. As long as I'm with my loved ones, I really don't care what I'm doing. I also have a tendency to take in sick or unwanted animals. It's a terrible thing, one that often has me living on my own mini farm. But I simply can't help it, I love animals of all shapes and sizes! Currently, I have 1 dog, 2 cats, 4 rabbits, and a wide array of various other farm animals.



Yolonda Sweitzer

Actress | Author | Blogger| Screenwriter 

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