Editorial Services

I’m now open to freelance editing! It never hurts to have an extra pair of eyes on your manuscript, query, or synopsis. When I was querying, hiring a freelance editor made all the difference. I went from around 100 rejections with one project, to an offer of representation within hours of querying a new project that I’d worked on with an editor. Good editors help you find inconsistencies in your novel. They help you find plot holes, pacing issues, weak writing and show you in detail the areas you can improve. Working with an editor can greatly improve your manuscript, and make your work more agent-ready.

My Qualifications:
  • Earned a BA in English, 4.0 GPA

  • I worked in the YA section of my local library for 2 years.

  • In college, I was president of the presentation media and literature club

  • I was Managing Editor of a nonprofit newspaper for 3 years.

  • I have studied storytelling as a screenwriter, on the shows like Sleepy Hollow and Dominion.

  • I am a YA ARC reviewer for some of the biggest names in YA publishing at the moment.

  • I am an active participating member in many popular publishing events on social media, including Brenda Drake's PitchWars, Kate Brauning's Breakthrough Writers' Bootcamp, and MSWL's Manuscript Academy.

For Authors

Have you gotten feedback on your work from fellow writers, agents, or editors, and don’t know what to do next? Do you need to know if your work is ready to query? Has your work been rejected by agents or several houses and you’re not sure why? Or maybe you’re a published author who wants to take their work to the next level, write that breakout book, or untangle the book of your heart from its fatal flaws. As a writer myself I know, I've been there. I'm here to help.

Pricing and Services:

Smaller Services:

Query: $25. Includes in-depth edits for clarification and formatting, line edits, and two passes.

Synopsis: $45 Includes in-depth edits for clarification, line edits, and two passes. 1-2 pages with the goal of getting your synopsis to a single page that clearly represents your manuscript.

Submission Package: $100. Includes in-depth feedback and line edits on your query, 1-2 page synopsis, and first chapter (up to 5k).

Contest Package:  $50. Includes query, 1-2 page synopsis, and first page detailed critique with line edits to help you get your contest package shiny and ready to go!

Pitch Event Help: $15. Includes help editing 2 twitter pitches.

Larger Services:

Reader Report Package: I’ll set up a phone or email consultation with you to figure out what you love about this book, what your goal with it is, and any particular concerns you may have. I’ll read your manuscript closely and send you a thorough editorial letter, (typically 6-8 single-spaced pages) evaluating the entire book, including possible market potential or issues. I’ll break down what’s working and what isn’t across each layer of the story, detailing feedback on your plot, pacing, characters, setting, world build, etc. This will give you overall developmental feedback on your entire manuscript, without the line edits. We’ll discuss editorial ideas, the manuscript’s strengths, and areas where it can improve. I’ll suggest solutions for the issues, and I’ll include recommendations for resources for strengthening your craft. After I’ve sent my editorial letter, I will be available for questions.

Cost: .008 cents per word (ex. 50k manuscript = $400)

Sensitivity/Authenticity Reads: I offer this service for manuscripts containing bisexuality/pansexuality, polyamory/ethical non-monogamy, extreme fundamental Christianity, domestic abuse and violence, and rural American poverty. I will read your manuscript and detail in a formal letter the issues and solutions that I see regarding any/all of the categories above. I’ll include a thorough explanation so that you can fully understand any problems and how to resolve them.

Cost: The cost for this service is $500-800, depending on the length of the book and the number of issues for which I’m reading.

Line Edits Package: I will do everything in the Reader Report package. Then I will read your revisions and edit at the scene level for pacing, emotional impact, narrative-action balance, application of my first-round notes, etc. After that round, I will do a line edit to improve the story moment by moment, editing for subtext, complexity, impact, deepening POV, voice issues, repetitive language, and more. I’m an incredibly thorough editor when it comes to line edits; you can pretty much guarantee every page will be marked up. This is a more detailed option than the reader report and is not right for anyone who is looking at making heavy structural edits. This is for someone who has probably already had their work reviewed by a beta or critique partner or believes their overall structure and plot is mostly working. I go heavy into details with my edits and assess the story on a line-by-line basis, looking for inconsistencies, punctuation and grammar issues, and funky sentences that can be strengthened.

Cost: .018 cents per word (ex. 50k manuscript = $900)

Mentorship: Contact for pricing. If you know your manuscript needs some work and you’d like me to read for multiple passes, this is the option for you. You get everything from the works package, and a 4-month long mentorship where I will give you edits and deadlines for us to whip your manuscript into shape! Through this, you will also have access to Skype or Google Hangout Calls, and near the end I’ll help you prep for querying by working with you to compile a list of fabulous and reputable agents who are looking for your type of ms. You will get the same level of attention from me that my PW mentee gets, with the same access and type of mentorship!

Other Freelance Services: 

Website Design: Like this website or the one I use for the Wayfaring Writer blog? Great! I designed them both, and I'll design a site you'll love, too. 

Cost: $600- $1200 depending on your needs. Contact me for a complete price quote. 




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