Born in Ohio,  Yolonda grew up surrounded by farm animals. As a child, she could always be found writing in a composition notebook and spent most of her free time outdoors.


Her career in the arts began early when she signed with Dean Model & Talent—a talent agency representing models and actors/actresses—at the age of 12. Between the ages of 12-17, she took on roles in television commercials for companies such as Colgate, Pepsi, and Nike, all while mannequin modeling and walking runways in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. While with Dean Model & Talent, she took on a couple small motion picture parts in films such as Man of Faith where, while filming, she met film legends Robert Wagner and Faye Dunaway. Totally exciting for a 15-year-old! Over the years she's continued to act/write, but she terminated her modeling contract with Dean Model & Talent in 2006 to focus on college and her writing career. She studied Forensic Science with a concentration in Biology at The Ohio State University but came to realize blood and needles were her Kryptonite while the written word was her tonic. She graduated with a degree in English Literature in 2010.


Deciding to focus on writing full-time she's picked up many titles: author, editor, blogger, and screenwriter to name a few. Basically, if it involves words she'll work with it. As an assistant screenwriter, she’s worked with the likes of Scott Stewart (SyFy Channel television series, Dominion), Philip Iscove (Fox’s #1 hit TV series, Sleepy Hollow), and Deborah LeVine (ABC’s series, Kaya). 


She is a passionate environmentalist and spreads knowledge on the topic around the world as an ambassador for NEVERthirst, a charity devoted to delivering clean water to those in 3rd world countries. She's also a distributor of Enagic Medical Technologies' Kangen Water machines. 10% of the proceeds from all Enagic sales go to NEVERthirst.


She has several projects in the works, all YA sci-fi with climate fiction elements. Yolonda hopes to push the boundaries and explore the limits of that sweet spot where science fiction and her love for the environment collide.












Yolonda Sweitzer

Actress | Author | Blogger| Screenwriter 

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